Our Services

Services Offered By Franklin Investigations.

      Private Investigations:
  • Infidelity - All Types
  • Unsolved Cases/Cold Cases North Dakota Only
  • Interviews of Defendants, Plaintiffs, Research Services 
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations Commercial and Private
  • Process Serving/Collections, Corporate Service,Eviction, Divorce, Document Retrieval/Foreign Subpoena Filing/Western North Dakota every two weeks
  • Loss Prevention Services/Employee Theft/Customer Theft/Employee Interviews/ Customized Loss Prevention Programs available to Owners
  • Workmen's Comp/Fraud
  • Skip Tracing Professional Purposes Only/
  • Divorce/Child Custody
  • Background/Records Checks/Professional Purposes Only
  • Family Ancestry/(Missing Peices) contact number 701-952-2862
  • FMLA Investigations
  • Camera Installation/ (Midnight Solutions Technologies) 701-347-5252
  • Asset Protection Services/home/business
  • Collateral Inspection Services/Photograph and update reports/House/Automobiles
  • 24 hour Mobile Notary/Witness Signing/Closing Signings

Mobil Notary Services North Dakota and Minnesota.
  • Licensed Mobil Notary in North Dakota and Minnesota. 
C.A.P.S Custom Asset Protection Programs for 
Business Owners

      Are you tired as a business owner of seeing         your merchandise and profits walk out the doors? 
  • Are you looking for an experienced Loss Prevention Detective who you can hire at your discression than you have to look no further. 
  • Franklin's Loss Prevention will cut your losses and increase your companies profits. You as the business owner can hire Franklin's Private Loss Prevention (Outsourced Intelligence) and you will be able to count on experienced loss prevention agent that knows the rules and laws to apprehend and prosecute shoplifters store employees who cause loss to your company. 
  • You can have a customized loss prevention program and you can set the hours and seasons that you believe the most loss is occuring. It will be Franklin's distinct pleasure to help you increase your profits and cut your losses with dishonest employees and customers.
  • What Happens when you have Loss Prevention in Place?
  • 1. One of the things that happens when you have Loss Prevention in place is that you will deter some of the people from attempting to cause loss to your place of business.

  • 2. Word quickly spreads amongs these people as this is      a place that will not tolerate these types behaviors.
  • 3. Also employee theft is reduced and time theft is reduced. Nearly 33% of companies loss is due to employees.
  • 4. The business owner will be glad to know that in the long run you ROI will increase and employees that are in line with the program usually see benefits from the employer when these programs are in place to stop loss and maximize profits throughout the company.

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