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Franklin Investigations was started in 2007  with the goal to provide legal                    professionals a competitive priced and efficient services  in North Dakota and                   Minnesota.  Franklin Investigations has the knowledge and experience also provide business owners in retail and hospitality businesses to set up custom loss prevention programs.


Franklin Investigations specializes in: 
  • Home and Personal Surveillance
  • Business Surveillance 
  • Process Serving (view Process Serving for counties that can be served)
  • Skip Tracing/Professional Purposes Only
  • Loss Prevention Services and Training
  • Inspection Services/Photograph-update

Franklin Investigations is License and Bonded in North Dakota.

KVLY Being a Good Witness 9-29-2015

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Phone: 701-541-4737 (ask for Jon)

Fax: 701-532-0366

Address: P.O. Box 9071, Fargo ND 58106-9071

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